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This site has been a long time coming. I have wanted to develop a place for permaculture enthusiasts, designers, and artists who are living and implementing their permaculture vision in the Rocky Mountains. The Rockies of North America are unique in the climate and growing conditions we experience. My desire is that this become a place where people can find information, designers, artists, other enthusiasts who love permaculture and want it to work here in the Rockies. There are large bodies of information for permaculture for the tropics, sub-tropics, and other places but not much for our climate. Granted, Sepp Holzer has a wealth of experience growing in our conditions and he is the go to for how to accomplish great things in permaculture design. He has attained the highest level of permaculture excellence in our type of region ever. We can and should learn from his decades of experience in this space.

As this site develops, look forward to more blog posts, podcasts, videos, and resources to assist you in creating your own Rocky Mountain Permaculture Paradise. We have been filming with Paul Wheaton of at his farm/laboratory in Western Montana. We are also collecting video and conversations with many other permaculturists. We look forward to you joining us and getting the word out.


If you are in the Logan Utah area please feel free to drop us a line. Our headquarters are located at 253 North 100 West in Logan Utah at the Living the Good Life Naturally store. We are in the process of building and planting hugel kultur beds and have the front planted in many edibles. We start on the back this fall.

Let’s build a better world together the PERMACULTURE WAY.

All the Best,

Morgan Bowen

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One thought on “Rocky Mountain Permaculture is Here!

  • Dean Lundgren

    Awesome, you guys! I’ve been trying to locate a Permie group in the Arizona high-country… but, I may be on my own. Keep up the good work.